Spring is here!

Flowers start blooming, the trees become a palette of vibrant greens and warm sunny weather brighten our days – the Sitting Pretty team is excited for Spring!

It’s almost that time of the year again – social media sites are overflowing with beautiful brides in white dresses, exquisite and unique flower arrangements emerge, and new trends and palettes are set for the season.

Spring is the perfect metaphor for the beginning of life, ultimate new beginnings and marriage. This season it’s out with the pastel shades, and in with some BRIGHT colours! So watch out for those dazzling blues, radiant purples, crispy mints, juicy oranges and egg yolk yellows.

Whether you prefer loosely hand-tied flower bouquets or a more structured modern design, luxurious gifts or homemade favours, vows exchanged in a picturesque chapel or under the trees – most importantly, your special day should shout YOU!

Whatever your dream: an on-trend wedding or flowers and décor that sets you apart from the rest, Sitting Pretty is excited and on board to assist you every step of the way!

Annegret Delport

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